MIT-CLARA® Certification

Make your business apps cloud ready – with MIT-CLARA® Certification

Using your business software in the cloud is the future. With our MIT-CLARA® App Certification, we can begin your digital transformation one step ahead. Thus we ensure the cloud readiness of your software while also improving its efficiency.

MIT-CLARA ® which stands for MIT-GROUP Cloud Launcher Azure Remote Access is our Line of Business Application as a Cloud-Service solution. It is fast, secure, reliable and helps to save cost for Support, Deployment and Training for End Users.

The procedure is well defined and happens in a few comprehensive as well partly automatized steps. First of all, we sit together and find out what plans you have with your software. Then we analyze your software and determine how to realize the scaleable Azure-Setup with it. To finish the implementation we test the cloud setup. As a result we will be able to define its cost. Finally we ensure the compatibility with our MIT-CLARA® service. After that the software is ready to live in the cloud.

The following list summarizes all the explained steps to implement MIT-CLARA®:
  1. Joint Kickoff, operating plan
  2. We analyze your software
  3. Test Cloudscenario
  4. Definition pricing per Seat
  5. Compatibility tests and going live

The MIT-CLARA® App Certification is available starting from CHF 1100.


Our MIT-CLARA® service package consists of the following two parts:
  • MIT-CLARA® App Certification: We make your App Cloud Ready (with some success as our history shows)
  • MIT-CLARA® Operations: Setup, Maintenance / Monitoring and Administration of Cloud-Ready Apps for your users.
Who can profit from our MIT-CLARA® solutions:
  • LOB-Specialists and ISV’s who are looking for new, innovative, cost-efficient and scalable Application-Providing Services out of the cloud
  • End Customers who are looking for a seamless integration of Cloud-Hosted Apps into their Client Systems without Remote Desktops / Terminal Server environments.