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This app allows the easy and safe upload of new or existing photos to the Photo2Folder platform – and with that on your PC or local Windows Fileserver. The app is completely configurable and can be optimized for your needs.

You also have the possibility to contact all users by a push-notification and deliver them useful and important information. The notificationchannel can be restricted to single categories.

Application Screenshots


  • Upload existing and new photos from your Mobile Phone
  • End-to-en encryption of Files (AES 256)*
  • Push-notificationchannel for any number of categories
  • Web userinterface to create notifications
  • Communication over port 443, so you normally don’t have to modify your firewall to download to your local server.
  • And much more …

Usage of Photo2Folder Service:

We can create your own Photo2Folder app or integrate the service into your existing app. Or you just use our public Photo2Folder app with your personal login.

Photo2Folder Customers

  • Personal Search App

January 2016




(Others on request)