Strategic ICT Planning SIP

Strategic ICT Planning SIP should be an integral part of the development of the Company’s Business Strategy.  We believe, that ICT strategy planning has two major goals to fulfill:  First, enable process operations to keep the daily business running within the budgeted cost and the demanded (and paid for!) quality.  But that is not sufficient by itself.  It is our personal ambition as a 2nd goal to support our customers to profit from ICT opportunities to offer their clients and partners an advantage against competitors, to be better or faster in doing business or to gain a more competitive profit position.

To define and write a Strategic ICT Plan SIP with a 3-5 years target is not enough. Consequently, we desire to (help) implement, to control, to improve and to continuously innovate. The plan is a tool – as for other resources – to budget and realize the necessary steps according the business strategy.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve established the advanced skills and experience to assist SMB and global acting enterprises with the SIP process. Our experiences along with those of our customers allow us to better understand and distinguish between the unnecessary and the necessary, the threats and the opportunities and the impossible and the possible.

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