Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online you can now get to know your existing customers even better. You can assist them more personally and, hence, stand out from your competitors. This is all possible thanks to efficient sales-, marketing- and service-processes.

MIT-GROUP is happy to assist you with this endeavour. We implement, configure, conceptualize, train and make adaptations until the processes are as you imagined them to be. With MIT-GROUP as your partner, you receive a comprehensive service that will accompany you from the very beginning and is at your disposal at any time. This means that you can work independent of time and place, and the tailor-made features make you a lot more efficient.

Everything in sight, always and everywhere!

Consistent service, happy customers

  • Offer your customers the seamless service they expect and always provide them with all the information they need

Tailored support for employees

  • Deliver complete customer information to your employees in a consistent work environment – for informed decisions and first-class service

Flexible customizable environment

  • Respond quickly to new and changing customer and market requirements – with Digital Intelligence in a flexible, cloud-based environment.

Our latest customer, EWH

We were able to set up an order form and a contact form for EWH with the help of Dynamics CRM Online. This allows customers to order quickly and easily, as well as a clear management of the orders on the part of EWH. Customers who fill in the order form or the contact form are automatically saved as a lead. As a result, they have an automated customer base and a larger overview of its entire clientele.

Your carefree package

We take care of:

The Design

  • Definition and implementation of business processes
  • Implementing your strategy

Solution adjustments

  • Adaptation of the system solution according to own processes and requirements
  • Customizing of the CRM

The client-side installation

  • Commissioning and maintenance of your personalized solution on existing devices
  • Licensing of the users and the access concept


  • Introduction of employees into the personal solution through on-site training


Our development team can also tailor and customize your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online implementation based on your requirements, with individual customized extension. See the development page for details.

Our Service

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Additional Microsoft Dynamics Solutions by MIT-GROUP

Microsoft Dynamics AX

MIT-GROUP has been one of the first Microsoft Dynamics AX Hosters in Switzerland. Based on our experiences and together with our LOB-Partners we are able to deliver you Dynamics AX as an Office 365-Service or out of Microsoft Azure for a monthly fixed price per user.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We have several customers with Microsoft Dynamics NAV out of the Cloud (both Microsoft Cloud and Azure Stack Datacenter in Switzerland). We have expertise and knowledge to run Dynamics NAV scalable and secure out of the Microsoft Cloud.